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Betsy Davidson helps changemakers give and live at their full potential to accelerate their impact in the world. She is a world-class, Certified Health and High Performance Coach, speaker, and trainer, bridging the worlds of human and impact potential.

As a lifelong advocate of environmental and humanitarian efforts, Betsy believes that transforming the world starts with each individual. She founded her signature framework Master Your THRIVE® to support purpose-driven people and organizations in mastering their Time, Health, Relationships, Intentions, Voice, and Energy.

Betsy has been featured in podcasts such as Divas That Care, The Road Ahead, and Power House, as well as appeared as a guest expert for Connect.Work.Thrive and Professional Women’s Network.

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Professional or leader at a purpose-driven organization, seeking greater performance, effectiveness, and resilience

Founder or entrepreneur of a conscious company, trying to create a legacy within and beyond your work

Coach, healer, or educator,  aiming to unleash your greatness and create sustainable success in all areas of life

Young visionary, aspiring to achieve your dreams and make a difference in your family, community, and the world


Reach your full potential and maximize your impact through coaching and training programs, following proven processes, tools, and strategies used by the world’s most influential leaders, achievers, and changemakers.

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Book Betsy to inspire and motivate your world-changing audience or team at your next event, conference, or workshop. Also inquire about podcast and media interviews.

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"If you have the chance to work with her, I seriously recommend it.  She really sets the bar . . .  of all of those things others say we need to do, she does - she plugs in, she works it . . .  She is consistent about working to make a difference in the lives of others. If you have a chance to work with her, I don’t know if you could do better."

Jeff Cockrell, Dale Carnegie Trainer

"Betsy is a remarkably gifted coach and leader . . . I feel like a wiser, more loveable, happier, and more capable version of myself — and I’ve witnessed her having this effect on countless others."

Rebecca Perry,  Leadership Coach


Become an 'Impact Insider'

Stay up-to-date with strategies, trainings, and special offers that help you make your greatest difference!

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